• A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a compact two-way satellite ground station or a stabilized maritime VSAT antenna. The dish antenna, less than 3 meters in size, communicates with satellites in geosynchronous orbit to transmit data between remote earth stations or to master earth station "hubs". The flexible architecture of Intellian VSAT antenna systems enables them to integrate smoothly with multiple providers and systems.

    No matter your location, be it busy shipping lanes or remote ports of call, Intellian VSAT communications systems are perfectly adapted to maintain your connection with your home base or office. Their compact size and powerful transmission capabilities make them an invaluable asset for maritime communication needs.

    In addition to maritime usage, VSAT systems can also be found in remote terrestrial locations, such as research stations, oil rigs, and remote offices, ensuring reliable communication with the rest of the world. Their relatively small size and versatile installation options make them suitable for a variety of environments.

  • Regardless of one's stance on whether global warming contributes to the drastic and volatile weather shifts we've witnessed, it remains prudent to be ready for the devastating impacts of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires on our power and telecommunications infrastructure. Among the essential technological tools for emergency preparedness is a satellite phone, which entirely circumvents local systems. Satellite phones operate on a network of satellites, either stationed above the Equator (Geostationary), or in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), ranging from 500 to 1,000 miles above the earth. Unlike conventional communication systems, satellite phones are rarely disrupted by severe storms and, based on their system architecture, can function virtually anywhere in the world.