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Brand : ABBREE

Abbree DM-F8

Abbree DM-F8

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Brand: Abbree

[Digital walkie talkie]

ABBREE DM-F8 digital walkie talkie with 1.77" LCD color display,dual band 136-147/400/470mHz, 4000 channels, dual mode (digital, analog) and dual time slots - more channels for enhanced privacy. Analog and digital DMR Tier I and II, compatible with other DMR radios; high/low power settings

[Connect the repeater]

The DM-F8 can reach the highest output power levels for handheld devices, and it can also be used with repeaters, which will help it get stronger signals and reach longer distances.

[Satellite GPS Positioning]

This walkie-talkie can use satellite for positioning without network signal, which is very reliable and safe, suitable for outdoor use.

[SMS Receiving and Sending]

You can use our DMR walkie-talkie to send text messages to your friends, and also receive text messages from other DMR devices.

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