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Brand : Baofeng

Baofeng BF-1904 UHF Walkie Talkie

Baofeng BF-1904 UHF Walkie Talkie

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  • Convenient and extremely simple management.

  • USB-C charging socket in the battery, allowing you to charge the radio station and use it comfortably at the same time

  • High-quality chipsets and PCB boards are used in production. 

  • The interlocutor's sound is loud and clear.

  • A very large operating distance will ensure freedom of communication.

  • Thanks to Baofeng's battery locking mechanism, the battery will not fall out if the radio is dropped.

  • Four battery saving modes will ensure a long operating time of the radio station.

  • High-quality materials provide durability and a pleasure to hold in the hand.

  • CTCSS/DCS coding tones will prevent signals from other radio stations on the same frequency from interfering with your conversation. You will only hear your interlocutors!

  • A wide range of accessories (earphones, antennas, power supply...) will allow the radio station to be adapted to everyone's needs. 

  • Program the radio station according to your needs with the help of a computer.

  • The radio station is fully programmed and ready for operation. Take it and use it!


 Manufacturer  Baofeng
 Model  BF-1904
 Operating distance  Big
 REAL operating distance in open space  10 - 16 km
 REAL working distance in the forest  2.1 - 5 km
 REAL operating distance in the city  1.8 - 4 km
 Water and impact resistant  Partial
 Battery Li-ion  7.4 V / 2200 mAh
 Screen  There is no
 FM Radio  Well
 LED flashlight  Well
 Weight (with battery), g  263
 Dimensions (without antenna), mm  119 x 60 x 39
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