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Brand : PAC-12

Dedicated Ground Network For PAC-12

Dedicated Ground Network For PAC-12

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Material: High-quality, durable electrical components Design and Style: Sleek, compact design for easy installation Usage and Purpose: Ideal for PAC-12 streaming and airborne wireless network setup Performance and Property: 5-meter long cable with 10 strands for reliable duplex networking Parts and Accessories: Includes a set of Dedicated Ground Network for PAC-12 Applicable People: Suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals in electrical supplies


**Enhanced Connectivity for PAC-12 Streaming** The Dedicated Ground Network for PAC-12 is a crucial component for anyone looking to establish a robust and reliable airborne wireless network. Designed to work seamlessly with the DP antenna of JPC-7, this ground network ensures a stable connection for your PAC-12 streaming needs. The 5-meter long cable, with its 10 strands, provides a strong and consistent signal, making it ideal for duplex networking applications. 

**Effortless Installation and Compatibility** Setting up this dedicated ground network is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. It can be easily paired with the JPC-7 antenna, and an additional ground anchor can be added to form a complete PAC-12 system. This compatibility ensures that you can quickly and efficiently establish a basic network protocol that meets your streaming requirements. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional in electrical supplies, this product is designed to cater to your needs.

**Reliable Performance for Various Scenarios** The Dedicated Ground Network for PAC-12 is not just about convenience; it's about performance. Its robust construction and high-quality electrical components ensure that it can withstand various environmental conditions. Whether you're setting up a network in a remote location or in a busy urban area, this ground network will provide you with the stability and reliability you need for your PAC-12 streaming. It's a testament to the dedication to quality and performance that is synonymous with the PAC-12 brand.

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