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Brand : Diamond Antenna

Diamond Antenna BC100S Fiberglass Base Antenna

Diamond Antenna BC100S Fiberglass Base Antenna

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Diamond BC100S is a vertical circular antenna designed for operation in the VHF band of frequencies 115-174 MHz. The body of the BC100S is made of high-quality lightweight and durable materials. Thanks to its robust design, the antenna has a reliable protection against weathering and allows it to withstand wind loads of up to 60 meters per second.

Diamond BC100S length of 1.7 meters is designed for installation on the mast. Three counterweights, which has an antenna, additionally increase its efficiency.

  • Electric Length: 5/8
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 115-174 MHz
  • DN in the horizontal plane: Circular
  • Max power: 100 W
  • Gain: 3.4 dB
  • Length of the pin: 1700 mm
  • Counterweight length: 520 mm
  • Wind load: 60m / s
  • Weight: 1200 g
  • Connector: SO 239
  • Possible mast diameter: 30-62 mm
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