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Brand : GP-4

GP4 Ground Plane Antenna 4-Band GP Antenna 7/14/21/29M Boasts High Efficiency

GP4 Ground Plane Antenna 4-Band GP Antenna 7/14/21/29M Boasts High Efficiency

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       GP4 short-wave 4-band 1/4-wavelength GP antenna, working frequency 7, 14, 21, 28/29M, quick-install GP antenna, suitable for long-term use outdoors and on the roof! No need to replace the coil to switch the frequency. Basic parameters: Antenna 5.65 meters, weight 2.3 kg, wind resistance level 12, power PEP1000W, exquisite notch technology, superior electrical structure performance, is a high-efficiency GP antenna.
      The ground net is simple to lay, and the fan-shaped flat ground (more than 7 ground nets, reference length 2.5 meters*, 5 meters*) is enough. In principle, the more ground nets, the better. The recommended installation height is 0.3-0.5 meters, equipped with a dedicated mounting plate. The test version has been used by many users in China for many years, and the feedback is satisfied!
 GP4 can also be installed horizontally on the balcony to become a balcony antenna. The metal guardrail is used as a ground net. The standing wave is small and the effect is very good! Worth promoting and practical! Actual use is better than traditional fishing rod antenna communication!
Introducing this GP antenna, we deliberately consulted a number of customers for the use details. Customers have used multiple models of GP antennas, including 1/4, 5/8...wavelength GP antennas. Evaluation of GP4 antennas is simple, easy to set up, easy to use and easy to use. Affordable
worth having!
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