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High Quality PTT Cable for Icom HM-133V

High Quality PTT Cable for Icom HM-133V

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  • 8pin Microphone Cable Cord for Icom Mobile Radio Speaker Mic HM-98 HM-133 HM-133v HM-133s DTMF for IC-2200H IC-2800H/V8000 XQF
Walkie Talkie Type: Car
Type: Accessories
Model Number: Mic Cable for HM-133
Is,Display: No
8PIN To 8PIN Mic Cable Cord Wire

OPC-1153 Mic Cable
Connector: RJ-45 TO RJ-45
Cord Length: approx 6' when extend
Compatible for ICOM Speaker Microphone:
HM-98 HM-133 HM-133v HM-133s
Compatible for ICOM Mobile Radios:
ID-800H, ID-880H, IC-F111, IC-F211, IC-2710H, IC-2720H, IC-2820H, IC-2725E, IC-208H, IC-E208, IC-E880,IC-7000, IC-V8000, IC-2000H, IC-207H, ,IC-2100H, IC-2200H, IC-2800H, IC F2721D, IC F2821D, IC F2821 and more
colour: Black
Material: ABS

Package Contents:
1 X Microphone Cable
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