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Brand : OEM

ICOM SP-35 5W Ext Speaker with 3.5mm

ICOM SP-35 5W Ext Speaker with 3.5mm

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NEW ICOM SP-35 External Speaker with 3.5mm plug + 2 meter cable for IC-F7000/F8100 SERIES & IC-F9510/F1810 SERIES & ID-880H ID-E880 ID-1 IC-7100 ID-5100A ID-5100E IC-E2820 IC-2300H IC-V8000 ETC and many other ICOM mobile rigs that comes with 3.5mm mono audio jack.

The Icom SP-35 mobile speaker comes on a hinged mount. 

This allows the speaker to be supported from the top, bottom or back.

The SP-35 has a 5 watts capacity with 7 watts peak. Wide is about 11cm.


An audio cable wired to the rear panel terminates to a mono mini plug.

It also fir for IC-F8101 IC-F1721/D, IC-F1821/D, IC-F2721/D, IC-F2821/D IC-F9511T/S, IC-F9521T/S IC-F5063, IC-F6063 IC-F5123D, IC-F6123D IC-FR5000, IC-FR6000 IC-F9511HT IC-F5061D, IC-F6061D IC-F5061, IC-F6061 IC-F5023, IC-F6023 IC-F5023H, IC-F6023H IC-F5062, IC-F6062 IC-F5062D, IC-F6062D IC-F5360D, IC-F6360D IC-F5220D, IC-F6220D IC-F5022, IC-F6022 IC-F5021, IC-F6021 IC-F8101 IC-F5013H, IC-F6013H IC-F5013, IC-F6013 IC-FR5100/H, IC-FR6100/H IC-F5011, IC-F6011 IC-F5012, IC-F6012 IC-F5121D, IC-F6121D IC-F5122D, IC-F6122D IC-F5122D, IC-F6122D IC-F5122D, IC-F6122D IC-F7000

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