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Brand : NSR

NSR Class-B AIS NAB-1000

NSR Class-B AIS NAB-1000

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  •  Meet the latest IMO regulation and ITU standards, such as IEC 62287-1, ITU-R.M 1371-5.
  •  Compatible with AIS AtoN, AIS SART, AIS MOB, AIS EPIRB..
  •  High stability and easy maintenance.
  •  Built-in isolated DC/DC with wide range input. 
  •  Design for non-Solas vessels with CSTDMA technology.
  •  Can communicate with other AIS transponders, including shipborne Class A AIS,
  •  Class B AIS, AtoN AIS station, AIS base stations.
  •  CCS type approval.
  •  RS type approval.


 Frequency Range:  156.025~162.025MHz (full channels)
 Default Channels:   AIS 1, AIS 2
 Band Width:  25kHz
 Output Power:   2W
 Communication Mode:   CSTDMA 
 Sensitivity:   Better than -109 dBm
 Data Ports:   one RS-232, one RS-422
 Data Format/Baud Rate:  NMEA-0183, 38400bps
 Ant Connectors:   50Ω, TNC (GPS Ant), BNC(VHF Ant)
 Power Source:     24V DC(12~38V)
 Size:    81(H) x 174(W) x 160(D) mm
 Weight:    1.4 kg  (transponder)
 IP Grade:  IP22 (Transponder), IP66 (Antenna

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