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Brand : Opek

Opek HR-601VU (Old Stock)

Opek HR-601VU (Old Stock)

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OPEK HR-601VU  flexible dual-band antenna for portable radio stations of radio amateur VHF/UHF bands.

The OPEK HR-601VU antenna is a standard in attempting to strike a compromise between the usability of a single antenna and the capabilities of mono-band models. The result is natural, but not typical for antennas of this price range. The HR-601VU model has fairly decent characteristics in the 144-148 MHz band, but, which is inevitable, it "works" poorly in the 430-450 MHz segment, and, according to some users, is a weakly distinguishable analogue of its "mono-sister" in terms of receiving characteristics "HR-601V. However, do not forget that the model we are considering is not a purely receiving one, and it is important to take care not only of the quality of the receiving path, but also of the stable operation of the transmitter, which makes it possible to implement OPEK HR-601VU in two bands at once.


  • Operating range, MHz:  144-148  / 430-450
  • Declared gain, dB:  -
  • Maximum operating power, Watts:  5
  • Connector:  SMA-male
  • Resistance:  50
  • Electrical length:  1/4 (144) , 1/4 (430)
  • Physical length, cm:  15.5
  • Weight, g:  7
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