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Brand : ABBREE

Abbree FT-65DR

Abbree FT-65DR

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1. Working frequency band UHF400-520MHZ (receiving/transmitting)
2. Automatic power saving function to extend battery life
3. Scrambling function makes calls more confidential
4. VOX voice-activated transmitter, you can make normal calls without pressing the PTT button
5. Companding function. Calls are clearer
6.128 memory channels
7. Low voltage warning
8. Computer programming, read/write frequency password protection function
9. The screen can display Chinese and English group personal names
10.50 group standard CTCSS.105 group standard DCS
11.Scan function
12. Special signaling function (frequency hopping), stronger anti-interference ability
13. Transmission timeout limit TOT
14.Wide/narrowband compatible
15. Non-standard mute function
Basic parameters
Frequency range: UHF:136-174MHz/400-520MHz
Communication capacity: 128
Channel spacing: 25/12.5kHz
Input voltage: 7.4VDC
Battery (standard configuration): 4800mAH (Li-Ian)
Battery life (5-5-90 high power emission): About 14 Hours
Receive 2450 mA
Transmit <1.2A@high power, 650mA@any power
Frequency stability: ±2.5ppm
Working temperature: -30℃ to +60℃
Antenna resistance: 500
Walkie-talkie size (including electrical ground. But not including antenna): 95x55x35mm
Walkie-talkie weight (including antenna and battery): 195g
launch part
Hair output power: 20W
Modulation method: 16K0F3E@25KHz, 11K0F3E@12.5KHz
Miscellaneous emission: -36dBm<1GHz, -30dem>1GHz
Adjust signal-to-noise ratio: 45dB@25KHz, 40dB @12.5KHz
Audio distortion: =5%
Modulation limits: +5.0 KHz@25 KHz, ±2.5 KHz@12.5 KH2
Channel power: 7CdR@25KHz, 600B@12.5KHz
Adaptive response (300-3000Hz): +1-3dB
Receiving sensitivity: 0.25uV (12dB SINAD)
Adjacent channel selectivity: 200dB@25KHz>55dB@12.5KHz
Audio response (300-3000Hz): +1--3dB
receiving part
Intermodulation immunity: 260d3025KHz>55dB@12.5Hz
Conducted spurious emissions: =-57dB@25KHz, =-57dB@12.6KHz
FM signal-to-noise ratio: >45d8@25KHz>40dB@12.5KHz
Audio output power: 0.5w @8 chms
Audio distortion: 45%
Audio response (300-3000Hz): +1--3dB

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