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Brand : Quansheng

Quansheng UV-K6 Dual Band Handheld Tranceiver

Quansheng UV-K6 Dual Band Handheld Tranceiver

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Quansheng UV-K6  Handheld Tranceiver (same product as Quansheng UV-K6)

1 unit X tranceiver
1 unit X battery 
1 unit X charger 
1 unit X belt clip 


-VHF UHF Dual BAND STANDBY, 50-600MHz full band Receiving
-Frequency meter Function
-Cross-band Communication
-FM radio/Air Band Receiving
-VOX (Voice operated Transmission)
-10 Channels America NOAA weather forecast
-Built-in high light Torch
-200 Memory Channels

-Wireless Frequency copy from other radios,Wireless Radio Replication from othe Quansheng UV-K58 Radios

-DTMF AND 1750 Tone
-Auto/Manual Emergency Alert
-8-Group Scrambler
-Frequency/DCS/CTCSS Scan
-Digital Signal CTCC/DCS

-1600 mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
-TPYE C and Desktop Cradle Charging

- Frequency Range:
F1:50.0000-76.0000MHz(RX only)
F2:108-.0000-135.9750MHz(RX only)
F3:136.0000-173.9750MHz(TX and RX both)
F4:174.0000-349.9750MHz(RX only)
F5:350.0000-399.9750MHz(RX only)
F6: 400.0000-469.9750MHz (TX and RX both)
F7:470.0000-600.0000MHz(RX only)
FM Radio: 76.000-108.000MHz

Technical Parameters:

Number of channels: 200
Number of FM radios: 16
Frequency stability:±1ppm
Size :115mmX60mmX37.5mm
Weight: 234g
Working temperature: -20℃+60℃
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Modulation mode: FM: 11KOF3E(12.5KHz), 16K0F3E(25KHz)
Number of NOAA channels: 10
Battery capacity: 1600mAh
Reference Sensitivity: 
FM(12dB SINAD) F1(50∽76) -121dBm F2(108∽135.9975) -121dBm F3(136∽173.9975) -123dBm F4(174∽349.9975) -123dBm F5(350∽399.9375m) F6(350∽dB399.9975) -1 400∽469.9975) -123dBm F6(470∽599.9975) -121dBm
WFM(20dB SINAD) WFM(76∽108) -110dBm
AM(10dB S/N) F2(108∽135.9975) -113dBm
Audio Power:≥0.5W
Audio Distortion: ≤10%
LAUNCH Frequency Band: 144∽146MHz430∽470MHz
Transmitting Power:≤5
Emission Current :≤1.5A
Maximum Frequency Deviation :≤5KHz(25KHz),≤2.5KHz(12.5KHz)
Modulation Distortion: ≤5%
Stray Power:≤7.5uW
Adjacent Channel Power: 70dB(25KHz), 60dB(12.5KHz)
Residual Modulation: 40dB
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