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Tuner Shortwave Antenna, 20W Full Band 5Mhz‑55Mhz

Tuner Shortwave Antenna, 20W Full Band 5Mhz‑55Mhz

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Product description:

1. RECEIVES UHF VHF FREQUENCIES: 5MHz‑55MHz tuned antenna has a transmission assist function and can receive UHF VHF frequencies.
2. ADJUSTABLE FREQUENCY: 20W HF antenna adjusts frequency with a knob and a band switch to select shortwave high and low bands.
3. 5MHZ-55MHZ ANTENNA: All band HF antenna is adjustable from 5MHz‑55MHz for transmitting and receiving.
4. M4 MALE CONNECTOR: 5Mhz‑55Mhz antenna with M4 male connector on top. Output M male or BNC male connector.
5. STAINLESS STEEL: Tuner shortwave antenna is made of stainless steel, which is wear resistant and rustproof.

Item Type: 20W HF Antenna
Material: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel
Adjustable Frequency: 5MHz-55MHz For Transmitting And Receiving
VSWR: Less Than 1.5 At 7MHz 10MHz 14MHz 21MHz
Power: 20W
Air Band: 118mhz-140mhz
FM: 76mhz-108mhz Receive
Stretch Size: Approx. 140cm/55.1in (Including Tuner)
Unstretched Size: Approx. 30cm / 11.8in (Including Tuner)
Tuner Size: Approx. 10x3x3cm / 3.9x1.2x1.2in (LxWxT)

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