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Yaesu Separation Cable YSC (3m)

Yaesu Separation Cable YSC (3m)

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6 Pin for Yaesu Car Radio Panel Separation Cable for FT-7800 FT-8800 FT-8800r FT-8900 FT-8900r FT-7900r FT-2900 Converter Line 


This cable is used to connect for Yaesu car radio panel and host, and external splitter. The default length: 3m, other lengths can be customized. For more length, please contact us.


Name: 6 Pin Cable

Specification: 6 Pin


For Yaesu Car Radio :

FT-1500 FT-1500M FT-1802 FT-1802M FT-1807 FT-1807M FT-1900 FT-1900R FT-1907 , 

FT-2600 FT-2600M FT-2800 FT-2800M FT-2900 FT-2900R , 

FT-3000 FT-3000M 

FT-7100 FT-7100M FT-7800 FT-7800R FT-7900R 

FT-8100 FT-8100M FT-8500 FT-8500M FT-8800 FT-8800R FT-8900 FT-8900R


Note: This is 6 Pin, Supports only 6 PIN Car Radio, does not support 8 PIN Car Radio.

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