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Brand : XIEGU

Xiegu DE-19 Data Interface Expansion Adapter

Xiegu DE-19 Data Interface Expansion Adapter

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Xiegu DE-19 is an external expansion adapter. It integrates a USB interface unit, isolation, amplification unit, and interface units working with Xiegu G90, Xiegu G106, and Xiegu XPA125B. It can act as the external adapter for the foregoing models and is easy to connect to a PC for control or data communication.

Compatible with
Xiegu G90 HF Radio
Xiegu G106 QRP Radio
Xiegu X5105 HF Transceiver

1. Data Reception and Transmission Indicator
2. USB Connection Indicator
3. Indicator of Reception and Transmission
4. Radio Connection Status Indiccator
5. USB Interface for PC
6. Interface for CIV
7. Interface for XPA125B
8. Interface for ACC (Mini-Din8)

Setting of Assorted PC Control Software

1. In connecting G106, X5105 and G90, the new-version JTDX software can be directly installed in models G90 and X5105.
If the JTDX software is an old-version, model IC- 7000 and serial console baud rate 19200 can be selected.

2. The old-version JTDX has to reply on 0miniRig software for proper connection. OminiRig software settings are as follows:
Rig type: IC - 7000
Baud rate: 19200
Port: select the port number virtualized on your computer
Other options are default and do not need to be modified.

3. The port and baud rate of HRID software are set as above. Other control software of the same type can also be set as

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