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Brand : Yaesu

YAESU FT-2980R 144 MHz Single Band Mobile Transceiver

YAESU FT-2980R 144 MHz Single Band Mobile Transceiver

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We are pleased to announce Yaesu's powerful VHF Mono Band FM Analog Mobile Transceiver - The FT-2980R. As its model name suggests, the FT-2980R arrives with the solid feature configuration and mechanical toughness of the ever popular FT-2900R - with a superior output power that is upgraded to 80 Watts !! With the new FT-2980R, four output power settings - 80W, 30W, 10W and 5W – are selectable, allowing each user to choose the power they want for their operating style and situations. A Massive Heatsink guarantees a solid 80 Watts of RF Power with no cooling fan needed. Thanks to a loud 3 Watts of audio output, the operator can enjoy reception - even in noisy environments. Other useful functions included are; Alphanumeric Channel Display; 200 Memory Channels; CTCSS and DCS Encode/Decode Built-in; Versatile Scanning Capability; Wide/Narrow Deviation Selection, Interactive Programming Menu, and so on.

Radio Features:

  • Massive Heatsink guarantees 80 Watts of RF Power with No Cooling Fan Needed (Four selectable power output levels are provided: 80/30/10/5 Watts)
  • Loud 3 Watts of Audio Output for noisy environments
  • Large 6 Digit Backlit LCD ensure excellent visibility
  • Excellent Receiver Performance
  • Alpha-Numeric Channel Display
  • 200 Memory Channels for serious users
  • CTCSS and DCS Encode/Decode Built in
  • Versatile Scanning Capability
  • WX Channels with "Severe Weather" Alert
  • Smart Search Operation
  • DTMF Direct Access Microphone Included
  • Wide/Narrow Deviation Selection
  • RF-Squelch
  • Interactive Programming Menu
  • Supply Voltage Display
  • 4-level Display Dimmer


Frequency Ranges:

  • RX 136 - 174 MHz
  • TX 144 - 148 MHz

Circuit Type: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
Modulation Type: F3E(FM), F2D(PACKET)
Output Power: 80W/30W/10W/5W
Memory Channels: 200
Case Size(W x H x D): 6.3" x 2.0" x 7.3" (w/o Knobs)
Weight: 4.2 lbs

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