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Brand : Yaesu

Yaesu PA-48C (Old Stock)

Yaesu PA-48C (Old Stock)

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Yaesu PA-48C 220V / 12V (500mA) power adapter, for Yaesu walkie talkie hardware (FT-70, FT3D, FT2D FT1D, and many other Yaesu talkie models), also works as a 220V charger on the Yaesu FT818 and FT817. Compatible with Vertex Yaesu walkie talkie models VX-5R VX-6R VX-7R VX-8R VX-8DR VX-8GR FT-177 FT-170 FT-270 FT-277 FT-817 FT-818 FT-60R FT70, and many others.

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